5 Furnishing Tips To Make Your Tiny Bedroom Seem Bigger And Better Than Ever Before

Posted on: 22 September 2015

Do you have a tiny bedroom? Are you always looking to find ways to make the small space seem bigger? If so, here's 5 tips to will help you do just that.

1.  Invest In A Double-Duty Bed

A standard full-size bed is 54 inches wide and 74 inches long. You could hide a lot of stuff under there if you could do so in an organized manner. One way to make use of that space while still staying organized is to purchase an under-storage bed. These beds offer plenty of room to store off-season clothes or infrequently worn accessories.

If you can't afford a new bed, you can find under-bed storage containers at nearly any box store. When purchasing these containers, look for models that are set on wheels or casters so they slide out nice and easy. Because the heights of beds vary, don't forget to measure the space between your floor and the bottom of your bed frame before you go so you know what size containers your bed will accommodate.

2.  Floor Lamps Are Your Friends

Unless you have a really beautiful one that you want to act as the focal point of your bedroom, don't bother with table-top lamps. Instead, opt for a slender and tall floor lamp. Floor lamps can be placed in otherwise un-utilized spots, such as behind a night stand or headboard. Furthermore, their long profiles naturally draw the eyes upwards, making your tiny bedroom seem taller and therefore larger. 

3.  A Well-Placed Mirror Does Wonders

For a super fast way to seemingly expand your space, hang a mirror on the wall opposite your bedroom door. When the door is open, the reflection will create the feel of additional space. Don't feel like you should get a small mirror because the room is small, either. The bigger the mirror, the larger your room will seem.

If you can't hang a mirror opposite your bedroom door because there's a window there, all the better. Hang the mirror next to the window -- the light coming in will reflect off of it and make your room brighter, which will in turn create the illusion of a bigger bedroom.

4. Forgo Your Nightstand In Favor Of An Ottoman

Ottomans are the utility tools of the furniture world; they have so many uses! Instead of taking up precious bedroom space with a couple of nightstands and then taking up more space with a sitting area, get a couple of ottomans and let them do both jobs. 

During the day and evening, you can relax on your ottomans while you sit and read or discuss your day with your partner. As night rolls in, top the ottomans with wooden or glass trays and you've got a lovely set of nightstands. As a bonus, many ottomans come with built-in storage containers, so you can store even more stuff that you never thought you'd fit in your tiny bedroom!

5. Get Creative When Choosing A Dresser

If you have to have a dresser, think outside the box of what's considered one. Traditional dressers are notoriously big and bulky. You may want a spot to store your garments, but not at the cost of giving up a quarter of the living space in your bedroom. 

To cut down on the space your clothes storage takes up, shop for a lingerie chest instead. These pieces of furniture are tall and narrow instead of short and wide. You'll still find plenty of room in their drawers to store tee-shirts, socks, and underwear; but they won't claim nearly as much floor space as a traditional dresser or bureau.

If you've got a tiny bedroom, don't despair. Keep these tips in mind as you visit a local retailer like Haynes Furniture, and you'll find furniture that will help make your space feel bigger than ever.