2 Bedroom Furniture Options To Consider For A Small Space

Posted on: 3 April 2017

One of the more difficult rooms to furnish if it is small is a bedroom, mostly due to the large size of most pieces of bedroom furniture. Listed below are two bedroom furniture options to consider for a small space.

Combination Furniture

One of the best bedroom furniture options to consider for a small space is to utilize combination furniture. For example, one piece of combination furniture that is ideal for small space is a bunk bed set up that really only has a bed on the top level.

The area underneath the bunk bed where the other bed would have gone is instead left open for you to place a couch or other furniture. In some cases, the space underneath the bed will be filled with dressers and drawers for you to place your clothes or shelving units where you can place your books or other knickknacks. In addition, you can go a step further and find a bunk bed set up that will have a desk built into the bottom level that you can then use for work or study.

In addition, you can also look at a combination furniture that consists of a king or queen-sized bed with storage underneath. This will allow you to store clothes in an organized fashion underneath your bed. These options will allow you to place multiple pieces of furniture in a space that would otherwise only be filled by a traditional bed.

Traditional Futon

Another effective way to furnish a small bedroom is to consider a traditional Japanese futon. Now, a traditional Japanese futon is not like a typical American futon that is pretty much just a pullout couch. Instead, a traditional Japanese futon is a folding mattress and padding that you can spread out on the floor and put away when you are done sleeping.

In many cases, these Japanese futons can be adjusted in a number of different ways to make them uncomfortable, by either adding a thicker futon mattress or by placing foam padding underneath the futon mattress to get more support. The main benefit to utilizing a Japanese futon in a small bedroom is the fact that in the morning you can simply roll it up and either place it in a corner of your room or in the closet, which frees up a lot of floorspace for you to use for other activities.

Visit your local furniture store today in order to browse the various pieces of bedroom furniture that would be a good fit for a small space. Combination furniture and a traditional futon are both great options to consider if you are trying to furnish a small bedroom.