Old House? 4 Quick, Inexpensive Ways You Can Make Your Home Feel Fresh And Modern

Posted on: 9 May 2017

If you wish to turn your older home into a sleek, modern living space, you may be worried about the cost, and for good reason. It can cost up to $125,000 to remodel an old home, maybe more if you run into problems. Fortunately, most older homes have good bones and can be made to appear modern with a few quick and inexpensive upgrades. So if you want a new look, say no to a complete remodel -- at least for the time being. Take easy steps to make your home feel fresh and modern while you're saving up for a complete renovation. 

Clean up the Clutter

Modern spaces are free of clutter. If you have a lot of decorative items sitting about or if you own several throw pillows, you can make your home appear more modern simply by clearing away the clutter. Aim for a minimalist vibe, and remove anything that isn't necessary or integral to the overall design. If you have fussy window dressings, you may want to think about exchanging them for simple, airy sheers. Some modern designs forgo curtains altogether. 

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Nothing says clean, fresh and modern like a new coat of paint. If you're going for a modern look, avoid bright colors and/or patterns. Opt for white or other neutral colors, such as mushroom, crushed ice and slate. If you must have color, go for a polished aqua or antique rose. Avoid colors with too much warmth, such as beige. Paint trim bright white for a nice crisp, clean look. 

Pull up Old Carpeting

Solid-surface flooring is a must for modern homes. If you have an older home that was originally built with hardwood floors, you're in luck. In most cases, you can pull up the carpeting and refinish the hardwoods for a fraction of the cost of buying new floors. If you don't have hardwoods, consider installing laminate flooring. 

Redecorate with Modern Furnishings

Modern furnishings have straight, clean lines and a non-imposing style. If your furniture is too traditional, swap it out for simple pieces that have a modern vibe. When it comes to large items, like your sofa, select neutral pieces. Add pops of color through carefully selected decorative items. 

There are countless ways you can make an older home feel updated and modern without renovation. For more ideas, visit your local furniture store, such as Visions In Contemporary Living.