The Perfect Housewarming Gifts For The First-Time Homeowner

Posted on: 26 May 2017

Heading to a housewarming? Make sure to take a gift that the new homeowner is sure to love- and use!

Some perfect and much-needed gifts for first-time homeowners include:

Cocktail tables. A fun gift to give at a housewarming is a cool cocktail table. With so many to choose from, shopping for these low accent tables is quite enjoyable. Plus, these have many uses throughout the home, which gives the recipient a lot of different placement options.

A mirror. If you want to send a simple but stunning gift, buy a truly beautiful mirror. These are always a welcome gift and make the perfect piece to hang in an entry or foyer. Look for large-sized, ornate-framed mirrors to bring a cool vintage touch to your recipient's interiors.

Dry-sinks. Old Victorian homes often use a dry-sink in the entry, mud-room, or pantry; these wood fixtures are basically a low-to-the-ground cabinet with a surface and shelf that served to hold water pitchers and wash-bowls. Give new homeowners a dry sink for their own pantry to be used for storage, or to be positioned near the front door for keys, bags, and dog-leashes.

Rocking chairs. Buy a rocking chair for the homeowner's porch. Look for these in simple, wood styles, or opt for something distinctive, like wrought-iron or upholstered styles. This gift will bring a homey, inviting touch to the property.

Framed-art. You really can't go wrong with framed-art as a housewarming gift. Anyone could use another great piece to hang on a wall somewhere in their home, so choose a painting or photograph that you think the recipient will respond to.

An ottoman. It is so easy to find great ottomans widely; check out the storage-type that offer an interior space that is perfect to store things. Choose a bold, bright ottoman to jazz-up a room or go with something simple that will offer versatility in the home.

Baker's racks. One of the reasons why a baker's rack makes an excellent gift is that is so lightweight and easy to transport! Check out metal or wood racks that offer shelving to hold the homeowner's pots, pans, or culinary supplies.

Check out furniture stores and sites to find these perfect housewarming gifts- particularly for the first-time homeowner! Give a gift that will become a cherished part of the home and that the recipient will treasure even more over time. These suggestions are gifts that will be used and enjoyed for years to come. 

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