For Writers Only: How To Design A Writing Space That Will Unleash Your Creativity

Posted on: 13 June 2017

If you love to write, you already know how your surroundings can either be an inspiration or a distraction to your craft. Perhaps you've always longed to have your own writing space. What are you waiting for? Creating your own writing space is an investment in your creativity.

Have it your way

The great thing about setting up your own writing space is the fact that you can make it uniquely yours. It's all about you! Think about the things you love. Think about the colors you like and what inspires you most.

Spend some time looking at other writer's work spaces online to get ideas. Think about the design style you feel most the comfortable with. For instance, do you love the simplicity of cottage style or do you thrive in a modern-themed room?

Pick a place

Whether you have an entire room to yourself or just the corner of a room doesn't matter. Making it your own space is what is important.

If you are setting up your space in a spare room, select one where noise and distractions are minimal. If you need to set up your writing space in the corner of an existing room, choose a room that is away from the main traffic flow of your home.

Invest in a good desk

Visit your local office supply store to try out a variety of office desks. Invest in a desk of high quality that will last. Sit at large and small desks. Which do you feel more relaxed sitting at?

Consider whether you will do most of your writing on a laptop or desktop computer, and purchase a desk to accommodate your writing style. Some writers love to write with a pen and paper and prefer a small desk that is more personal. A large desk is best if you plan to use a desktop computer and still want to have some additional storage or writing space.

Stand-up desks are another option for writers. You can manually crank the desk to stand up or purchase one with an electric lift. These desks are perfect if you have difficulty sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Find a comfortable chair

Nothing is more important than a comfortable chair for a writer. Don't underestimate the importance of trying out several chairs and spending a little extra money for comfort. You will never regret it. Ergonomic chairs will support your lower spine and help you maintain correct posture.

Decorate your space with inspiration

Hang motivational quotes above your desk. Old books make great decorations when placed on a shelf. What authors inspire you the most? Use a few of your favorite books to decorate your space and encourage you to keep writing.

Make a vision board to keep your muse alive. Fill it with pictures of things that motivate you. Quotes by your favorite authors are perfect additions to your vision board. You can also use live plants, tabletop fountains, and scented candles to create a relaxing atmosphere. Don't forget to add a device for listening to your favorite inspiring music while you write.

Once you have your own writing space set up, you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner. You will feel proud to have a space to call your own, and it will be a wise investment that will take your creativity to new heights.

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