Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Mattress

Posted on: 11 September 2017

Your mattress may be one of the most important pieces of furniture that you own. Without a comfortable mattress, you may start to experience significant back pain or difficulties with sleeping. While you may assume that there is nothing that you can do to prevent your mattress from becoming worn, there are some guidelines that may help to greatly extend the life of your queen sized mattresses:

Rotate The Mattress Every Few Months

One of the key things that you can do to protect your mattress against excessive wear is to rotate it. Over the course of time, the weight of your body can cause sections of the mattress to become compressed or to start sagging. Rotating the mattress every few month will minimize this type of wear. When rotating the mattress, you should both flip it and rotate it so that you will be laying on an entirely different section of it. This is particularly important for couples as the uneven weight distribution of two people being on the mattress can be extremely wearing on the mattress.

Always Use Clean Linens

Regularly changing your bedding can be essential for preventing the mattress from absorbing foul smells. Once these odors absorb into the mattress, they can be extremely difficult to remove, and they may cause the entire room where the mattress is located to smell foul. You can minimize this problem by changing the bedding every week and placing a thick foam pad over the mattress as this will be easier to replace if it absorbs these odors. Furthermore, you should prevent your pet from getting in the bed as they can cause it to quickly develop odors and fleas may start to live in the mattress.

Consider Steam Cleaning Your Mattress

At least once a year, you should consider having your mattress steam cleaned. When you steam clean it, many odors and stains will be removed from the padding. Additionally, this step will often involve sanitizing the mattress, which can reduce the risk of bed mites or bedbugs from starting to live in the mattress. Individuals will often assume that they will be unable to use the mattress for some time after this work as it will need to dry. Yet, a professional mattress cleaning service will have a high-pressure vacuum that will be able to suck most of the moisture out of the mattress so that it dries as quickly as possible. In many instances, the mattress may be fully dry within a few hours of this work being done to it.