Rust, Splinters, And Stains: Three Ugly Problems With Patio Furniture And How To Fix It

Posted on: 4 October 2017

A nice outside patio is the patio is the perfect place to throw parties and host nice gatherings. You can have lunches or dinners outside, have cocktails outside at the table or just relax with friends. The one downside to the patio is that it's outside, so furniture can become stained and look dirty from the rain. Metal and plastic furniture does not stand up well to the weather. And then there is the problem of wood furniture. If you have a wooden picnic table then you have to negotiate with the problem of splinters. Wooden furniture can get beaten up by the weather and chip, dry out, and splinter. Here's how to deal with these problems.

Stains On Plastic Chairs

One of the biggest problems when dealing with plastic patio furniture is that it stains. The weather, namely the sun and the rain, takes its toll on the plastic. The sun will weaken the protective coating, and the rain will stain the chairs and cause a discoloration. This discoloration is often caused by mold from the rain. The solution to this is to get a power washer that can blast off all of the ugly mold and stain. You can rent one of these power washers and blast away the mold in moments. It is much easier than trying to scrub it away using a brush and bleach. Also consider that bleach is not that great to use over and over because it will weaken the plastic.

Rust On Metal Chairs

If you have nice old metal chairs, and they sit out in the rain, then you have to face the fact that they might eventually rust. This is just a fact when dealing with any sort of metal chair. If the paint chips, and the metal is exposed to rain, then you are going to get rust spots. And if you have had the chairs for a long time, you might have a set of beautiful old Adirondack chairs that are spotty with rust. These can be really dicey to sit on, you don't want to risk getting your clothing snagged on the rust spots or risk getting cut. The solution is to get a patio restoration service and have them sandblast the chairs and then repaint them with a weather proof paint.


Wooden chairs are also a problem because the sun can weaken the wood and the cold can also weaken the material, causing it to splinter. The solution is to get some nice sandpaper and rub down the spots and make it smooth again. If you are not comfortable sanding it yourself, then you can simply call in a service that will take care of the problem. They won't just sand down the wood, they will re-stain the chairs with a powerful weather proof stain that will protect it from sun, rain, and cold.

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