How To Breathe New Life Into Your Old Antique Furniture

Posted on: 17 May 2018

Vintage and antique furniture can be mixed with more modern pieces to make a statement. The pieces usually add a dramatic -

flair to a space, making a space seem classic, while also feeling trendy and modern at the same time. If you have found a piece of antique furniture that is the perfect shape and style for your space, but it looks like it has seen better days, you may be able to bring it back to life. Here are a few of the ways that you can breathe new life into antique furniture

Clean It Up

It may sound simple enough, but some pieces of furniture can be revived simply by giving them a good deep cleaning. Always carefully consider what material the piece of antique furniture is made of and then select the right cleaner for it. For example, if the piece is made from wood, select a wood cleaner. If the piece is rusted and made from metal, select a rust removal product. You may be surprised at just how well a piece may look after using the right cleaning products and some elbow grease. 

Stain or Paint It

If a piece doesn't clean up well or it looks faded, has scratches, nicks, or other paint imperfections, staining it or painting it may help to make it look warm, rich, and new again. When it comes to antique furniture, using a paint stripper is generally recommend, rather than sanding the piece down. This helps to remove all the layers of paint and stain, without removing layers of wood from the piece. After all of the stain and paint is removed, you can then paint or stain the furniture your desired color. 

Have It Reupholstered

The last way that you can bring an old piece of antique furniture back to life is by having it reupholstered. If a chair or furniture has stained fabric, ripped fabric, or faded fabric, reupholstering is the perfect option. Reupholstering involves removing the old fabric and having new fabric laid over the piece. This helps you to keep the shape of the furniture, while giving it a facelift with fresh material. 

You should not get rid of a piece of old antique furniture or dismiss buying a piece with a shape you love simply because it looks old or worn. There are many different ways to revive old pieces of furniture. Deep cleaning it, staining or painting it, or having it reupholstered can all transform the piece and make it look as good as new once again.