Choosing Furnishings For Government Shelters: 5 Options To Consider

Posted on: 4 June 2018

Government shelters have the task of providing living facilities for people in a range of crisis situations. From asylum seekers needing living quarters to people displaced during natural disasters, the people in need of temporary housing in a government-run shelter will also need access to furniture during their stay. Here are some GSA furnishing options that meet those needs while providing a bit of comfort.

1. Captain's Beds

Captain's beds feature a platform style, eliminating the need for box springs. This can help save on cost and storage for furniture when it's not being used. These beds typically feature cabinets, drawers, or shelves underneath, which can be used to store personal possessions. You can purchase simple flat mattresses for these beds to create a complete sleeping area. Captain's beds are ideal for dorm-style living facilities, and they can be tucked into corners to maximize available sleeping space.

2. Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are ideal for large spaces intended to sleep many people, such as those used during natural disasters. Metal bunks offer durability along with resistance to certain types of pest infestations. Space underneath the bunks can be used for personal item storage. As with captain's beds, simple flat mattresses do well with this type of GSA furniture. Place these beds so that the headboards sit flush with the wall to maximize occupancy in your shelter.

3. Kids' Tables And Chairs

It's likely that your shelter will serve children as well as adults, so having child-sized furniture is essential. Plastic tables and chairs in bright colors add a fun touch to otherwise difficult situations, and they can be wiped clean for improved facility hygiene. Consider placing small tables in each area where families will be sleeping and add larger versions to day rooms that might double as schools or childcare centers during the day.

4. Day Room Table Sets

Day room table sets with attached stool-style seating provide a convenient option for cafeterias and day rooms inside of your facility. The attached stools mean you don't have to worry about chairs getting lost or moved about, and durable construction withstands wear and tear from heavy use. Some tables feature chess and checkerboards so that the tables can be used for recreation as well as dining.

5. Storage Lockers

Storage lockers make a smart addition to your facility, whether you keep them in a centralized location or place them next to groups of beds. Look for designs that can be locked, as this will help people keep their personal possessions safe while staying in the shelter. The lockers should have hooks for clothing and shelves for smaller items as well.

For more information, contact your local gsa barracks furniture supplier.