Are You Decorating An Eclectic Dining Room?

Posted on: 15 August 2018

Have you been waiting for quite some time to decorate your dining room? Maybe it has been empty as you bought furniture for the other rooms in your house, probably starting with bedroom furniture and a place to sit in the family room. Whatever the circumstances, if you are wanting to decorate your dining room in a very unique way, from choosing the dining room table set to selecting eclectic decorative items, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Dining Room Table Set - Have you seen dining room sets that you might find in places like Santa Fe, New Mexico or Durango, Colorado? Choosing dining room furniture in a very rustic style, perhaps with different colors of paint used in the design of the table and chairs might be reminiscent of the furniture found in those charming towns. Another idea is to choose metal for your dining room table and chairs. You've probably seen that type of furniture in contemporary restaurants. Consider, too, mixing the furniture styles.

For example, consider buying a painted wooden table and then having high back mismatched chairs to go around it. Antique shops or resale shops might be a great place to find pieces that, though different, will still complement each other. Think of purchasing an unfinished floor to ceiling shelf that you can decorative in a shabby chic way, using colors that will complement your dining room table and chairs. If you've chosen metal for your table set, think of choosing bright colors for the paint on the shelf. Having a shelf in your dining room will give you a place to display your dishes and other decorative items. 

Selecting Eclectic Decorative Items - Once you have chosen your dining room table set, whether matching or not, the extra decorative items you select will help to set the unique mood you are looking for. For example, look for a side table that has gorgeous tile as the main design. If you find that type of side table, think of using brass candelabra on the center of the table and then placing smaller brass candle holders on either side of the candelabra. Another idea is to have a gorgeous large plant in the center of your dining room table and then surrounding it with things like pottery birds, colorful Mexican mini pinatas, and other small decorative items you might have collected in your travels to foreign countries or right in the United States. 

For more information on dining room chair sets, contact your local furniture store.