Are You Decorating An Elegant Dining Room?

Posted on: 9 September 2018

Are you in the planning stages of decorating a brand new house? Perhaps the dining room in the house you presently live in has been empty while you concentrated on furnishing the rest of the house. No matter the circumstances, you are probably excited about decorating your dining room, especially with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays arriving soon. And, if you have decided on establishing a formal look in the dining room, you are more than likely in for some really fun planning and shopping.

Establish The Type Of Formal Look You Want - Have you decided yet on what kind of formal look you want? For example, are you wanting a contemporary feeling in your elegant dining room? Perhaps you want a traditional look rather than a contemporary one. And, it may even be that you want to combine both a contemporary look with a traditional one. If that's the case, think of looking through home decorating magazines to see how professional designers have blended contemporary and traditional styles, maybe even adding antiques for an even more interesting and elegant look. Another thing you might consider is how much color you want in your elegant living room. For example, if you want a very understated look, think about choosing off-white or very pale colors for your upholstery colors. If you want quite a bit of pizazz in the dining room, consider choosing upholstery in jewel tones. 

​Establish The Type Of Furniture You Want - If you have decided on a contemporary dining room, consider selecting furniture that has straight, simple lines. Another good choice for a contemporary dining room would be to select a glass top table and metal chairs. If you want a traditional look in the dining room, consider going with wooden furniture, maybe dark mahogany. And, if you want a combination of both contemporary and traditional furniture, consider choosing a glass top table and then selecting gorgeous high backed wooden chairs to go with the table. The accents you select will add to the formal look, too. For example, if you have chosen a contemporary look, think of choosing a formal brass or pewter chandelier for the lighting. If you have gone with traditional furniture, consider choosing a crystal chandelier. Even smaller accents will help to establish the mood you want. For example, the frames you select for your artwork will play a part in setting the elegant mood you want. Choose heavy gold frames for a traditional look and choose metal frames for artwork that will be in a contemporary dining room. 

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