Signs You're Ready For A New Mattress

Posted on: 24 November 2018

Your mattress can greatly determine just how well you sleep. When you have a great mattress, your sleep is undisturbed for the most part, and you wake up with your back feeling refreshed and healthy. When you have a bad mattress or an older mattress, your back is stiff when you first wake up, and you toss and turn all night.

Your back is a vital part of your body that endures a lot of stress throughout the day. Your nighttime rest is what rejuvenates your body and gives your back time to rest up and heal from the pressures of the day. If your mattress isn't up to the challenge of supporting your body, your back suffers as a result. Here are signs you need a new mattress for your back.

Your back is sore when you wake up

If your back is fine during the day once you get moving but is sore when you first wake up, then the issue probably lies in your outdated or too-firm mattress. A mattress that is too soft will make your spine curve and indent and cause back pain while you sleep. A soft mattress will also cause pain in your hips and shoulders as well. A mattress that is too hard will cause your back to stiffen because you place pressure on your joints. 

Your back is sore in certain areas

If your back is only sore in the lower or hip area when you first wake up, then your mattress is a likely cause of your pain. If your neck and upper back are sore, check your pillow, but if after changing your pillow to a more supportive brand you still have neck and upper back pain, your mattress is likely the cause of your discomfort.

You toss and turn all night long

When you go to sleep, the right mattress will support your body in custom ways and allow you to rest easily all night long. The wrong mattress will put pressure on your body and cause you to shift often as you seek a comfortable position. All this shifting puts a strain on your poor back and causes you to feel more pain and even more tired when you wake up than when you went to bed. Your bed salesman will help you select a new mattress for your back.

For more information, check out your local Tempur-Pedic mattresses store.