Tips For Getting The Best New Dining Table For Your Home

Posted on: 20 January 2019

So, it is time to shop for a new dining table (and possibly matching chairs)? You are not alone. A lot of people around this time of year start scoping out dining table stores and general furniture stores to get some ideas on what to spend their tax refund. Furniture and appliances typically lead the charge for major tax season purchases, which is why all kinds of furniture stores are having sales and encouraging people to come out to shop. Before you get started with the dining table (or set!) shopping however, here are a few tips on how to do this kind of shopping right.

1.  Measure Your Doorways

​Most dining tables will not arrive on your doorstep in pieces to be assembled. The delivery guys and gals have to maneuver it through your home into your dining room or kitchen. Ergo, measure your doorways to make sure that the table that you choose will fit and not have any difficulties getting through. You might want to take that trusty ruler with you when you shop, too, since you will have to measure the tables you like as well. 

​2. Measure the Tables

​You have a general idea of how much space you have available for a kitchen/dining table. You know that you can only fit a small table here, or a large formal dining table there. Still, you should measure the tables that catch your eye because the tables still have to fit the space you have, and​ the tables have to fit through the doorways in your home. You do not want to buy a table, have it delivered, and then the delivery persons cannot fit it through the front door the door into the dining room or kitchen!

​3. Choose Your Materials Wisely

​A glass-topped dining table is so elegant, but if you have kids or grandkids, that glass top may not last very long. It is also frequently difficult to get replacement components for dining tables, so take that into consideration as well. Choose tables that fit with your home décor, your stage and position in life, and then choose tables based on what you like. Then follow the previous steps to make sure the tables will fit. Finally, you can whittle down your choices to what you want to pay, and the available inventory of said tables in the store or the store's warehouse.