Are You Redoing Your Living Room?

Posted on: 24 April 2019

Have you decided that this is the season that you'll redecorate  your living room? Summertime might be when you have out-of-town guests or when you do most of your entertaining. If that's the case, you more than likely want your house to look super nice, right? After all, a lot of your entertaining might take place right in the most formal room of your house.

From arranging for furniture upholstery to adding decorative touches to the room, here are some ideas that might help you to create an inviting and beautiful room that you can enjoy with your friends and family. 

Furniture Reupholstery - Do you already really like the actual furniture in your living room? If you do, you might be thinking about just giving it a new look. Think of having your favorite furniture pieces reupholstered. For example, say you bought an expensive sofa a few years ago, knowing that you would want to keep it forever. However, over the years, the fabric might have faded, or it might simply look old now.

While furniture upholstery might be more expensive than you thought it would be, it probably still beats spending a lot of money on brand new furniture. That's especially true if you already love the style of furniture you already have. Consider having the upholstery job done by professionals who have the training and the experience to pay attention to detail. The upholstery business you use will probably have a lot of samples from which you can make your selection of fabrics for whichever pieces you'll be having reupholstered.

Additional Decorative Touches - Think of other ways you can add interest to your living room. For example, have you ever thought of adding distinctive occasional tables next to existing chairs? An antique travel chest might be the perfect end table or coffee table. Or, go with adding some contemporary touches to your living room. That might add an interesting eclectic feeling to your living room. 

For instance, for one of the occasional tables, you could select a plain wooden cube that you paint yourself. Choosing a bright color for the paint job might add pizzaz to the room. For example, if you selected a bold stripe for your sofa fabric when you had it reupholstered, choose the stripe color for the wooden cube. 

Think of art work that will add drama to your living room. Choose subjects you love. For example, if your family loves going to the beach every year, consider framing watercolor paintings of beach scenes and sail boats.