How To Avoid Damaging Your Antique Cabinet

Posted on: 11 October 2019

Normally, when you're restoring a cabinet, you will want to focus on the function of the cabinet and how the cabinet looks. However, when you are restoring a Victorian antique corner cabinet, the function of the cabinet and how it looks take a back seat, and you'll instead want to make sure that you don't reduce the value of your antique. 

Be Careful When Replacing Fasteners

You will want to be very careful when replacing fasteners. A new fastener might make your antique cabinet less authentic, and it may become less valuable as a result. 

Beware of Polishes and Finish

Make sure that you understand the type of polish and finish that you'll be using on your antique cabinet. Some products can reduce the value of your cabinet. Some experts recommend that you don't refinish an antique cabinet at all. There is nothing wrong with your antique cabinet having a faded look.

Be Careful With Sharp Objects

When cleaning an antique cabinet, be careful regarding the tools you use. Never use a sharp or abrasive cleaning tool. The best way to clean an antique cabinet is to use a soft, clean cloth. Oil soap is the safest type of soap to use to clean your cabinet. Some sharp objects might occasionally come in contact with your cabinet, but you'll want to minimize this. 

Keep Away From UV Light

Your antique cabinet will last much longer if it is not exposed to UV light. Sunlight can degrade the finish and the wood. Use curtains to block the sun from degrading your cabinet. Also, keep the cabinet away from excessive heat because this can cause the wood to shrink and can also cause glue to loosen. 

Wash Your Hands

Whenever you will be touching the cabinet, wash and dry your hands first. If you happen to use a lotion or hand cream, the product might make its way onto the cabinet and affect the hardware. 

Treat Infestations

Any wood product, including your antique cabinet, can be vulnerable to pests. Not only do termites eat wood, but so do powderpost beetles. Several species of insects can bore through wood and cause damage. Cockroaches cause damage to the finish and also release excrement that can stain the wood. To avoid damage to your cabinet, get the infestation under control as soon as possible. But when you take good care of your antique cabinet, it will retain much of its value for when you choose to sell it.