Is A Power Reclining Sofa Good For Your Back?

Posted on: 17 December 2019

Do you have a bad back, and you know that choosing the right furniture is key to helping you feel better in general? If your back aches with traditional couches and chairs, you may be in the market for a new design of furniture to help you feel better. Your back's problems may get worse if you have furnishings that are not supportive of your spine and neck, and your doctor may have concerns about the type of furniture you're using now.

Is a power reclining sofa good for your back? Maybe you've heard of this type of furniture before and you're in the market for a new couch. Before you test out one of these types of pieces in the furniture store, use this guide to help you determine if you need a reclining power sofa.

You have a hard time bending your back

If you have a lower disc issue or a problem with a curvature in your spine, then you need to consider whether a reclining sofa that is powered is good for your back. This type of sofa can be beneficial in helping you bend without having to put force in the motion, allowing you to recline a sofa with ease at the push of a button with very little force on your part. A power reclining sofa — you also have the option of purchasing a chair in this same style — can be great for you if you are facing back surgery or if you have recently undergone back surgery and need to be more immobile in the meantime.

You have a difficult time getting into a reclined position

Sometimes a back problem comes along with other issues as well, such as arthritis. If you have a hard time getting into a reclined position in a normal manual couch or chair and it puts too much strain on your hands or back in the process, consider a power reclining sofa. Instead of a handle you have to pull to make yourself go into the right position, which can be hard to do if you have weakened muscles or carpal tunnel or other issues, you can simply use a remote or push a simple button to accomplish the same thing. This type of sofa can be very beneficial if you know what will work best for your back overall.

For more information about power reclining sofas, contact a local furniture store.